41 zero 42; New Collections, New Design

Introducing 41zero42’s two new stunning tile ranges, Connection 01 and Pietre 41. Discover them here at Casa Ceramica.

Connection 01

Connection 01 is made up of three decors (Hops, Loop and Cemento) that come together to create a contrasting, visual project. The collection is a new understanding and creative change for architectural design, as a result of alternations of diverse surface appearances and imitations. The details displayed are from industrial inspiration to artisanal, hand crafted characteristics.

Pietre 41

The Pietre 41 collection is a selection of stones, assorting from light to dark. It is a journey that proceeds in several directions, to get to three different graphic looks. The study of these three decorative elements is based on texture, colour and detail. These include combination of colors chosen according to natural shades of each stone, a structured chevron, and a highly innovative aesthetic design consisting of geometrical shapes, engraved with laser.

For more information about these new ranges, contact us at info@casaceramica.co.uk. You can also visit the 41zero42 website here. All images courtesy of 41zero42.