AW17 Colour Trends Now In!

We might only just be in the peak of ‘summer’, but trends move much quicker than the sun takes to come out in England. We’ve put together the top ten AW17 colour trends according to Pantone!

Friday 21st September marks the official start date of the autumn season. So to get you ready, we’ve paired up some of our favourite tiles with the most influential AW17 colour trends.


1. Flame Scarlet, AKA – Dune Emphasis, Mixed Materials, Atenea Mosaic.

2. Primrose Pink, AKA – Decoatori Bassanessi, Luci Di Venezia, in Ice.

3. Blue Bell, AKA – Alex Turco, Underwater, Agate in blue

4.  Toast, AKA – Mutina, Tierras in Sand. 

5.  Royal Lilac, AKA- 41zero42, U-colour in U33


6. Copper Tan, AKA – Marca Corona, Tone in Sand

7. Navy Peony, AKA – Unica, Circle in Blu

8. Otter, AKA – Vallenlunga&Co, Decorandum in Pluma

9. Lemon Curry, AKA – Marazzi, SistemA in Giallo

10. Golden Olive, AKA – 14Ora, Le Riggiole in Bianco&Giallo

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All images are courtesy of the manufacturers featured.