Interior Trends: Grey Wood Flooring

People are truly embracing the less is more interiors, overturning bright and bold colours for hues of grey in their home. A popular and current trend on Pinterest are Grey wood flooring, with pins growing over 20 percent since last year for this particular floor colour…and we love it too!

Basic interior design has long been popular, especially in the Scandinavian areas. These homes often stick to monochrome colours such as black, white and grey to keep it feeling simple, sophisticated and chic. Adding grey wood flooring and white walls allows you to get more colourful with the rest of your decor, as well as keeping the space feeling light an airy. However, if you prefer an alternative style, darker shades of grey look fantastic in a chevron or herringbone pattern, similar to Parisian interiors.

Rex iClassici / 41xero42 Yaki / Unica Maxe

There are other ways to keep the grey wood flooring flowing from inside to external areas to keep continuity. Grey wood flooring is an excellent way to replicate decking, and it is easier to maintain and long-lasting life span. Here are out top non-slip porcelain tiles for grey wood flooring:

Iris Block 5.0 / Casa Dolce Casa Icon Outdoor / Ariostea High-Tech Woods

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