Marmorae – The present-day Scagliola

Introducing Marmorae, the newest collection by 14 Ora Italiana. An innovative representation of a present-day Scagliola – an imitation of hand drawn Marble veins used in the 17th Century.

14 Ora Italiana is the ideal choice for those who are looking for alternative stylish answers to the traditional ceramic tiles. 14 Ora Italiana represents originality, versatility, sometimes fun and eccentric nature of porcelain stoneware. Marmorae is an example of this, which explores and reinterprets in a contemporary perspective the ornamental patterns created by marble veining.

Far from emulating the real material, the collection is characterized by the pictorial game of lines on the surface which are never identical. Available in the size 60x60cm (24″x24″), Marmorae is presented in four different colour variants – Carrara, Fumé, Nero Arte & Imperiale – starting from classic character and expanding into unusual mixtures that highlight the more creative and spontaneous side of the Marmorae collection.

If you would like more information about this range, contact us at Or visit the 14 Ora Italiana website here.

All images courtesy of 14 Ora Italiana.