Matthew Armstrong


Although he was born & raised on the mean streets of Didsbury, Matt began his career in the industry around 30 years ago. Working in London for a natural stone company, he ignited the passion for tiles and design, this opened his mind to the endless possibilities of tiles. He moved back to the harsh tundra of the North to take over the already established Casa Ceramica with business partner Duncan. Soon, they became the talk of the town. And the rest, is history…

Duncan Cook


Duncan had his humble beginnings as a tiler in Chorley. A bright young gent with a head full of dreams and a head covered in fiery locks. As the passage of time continued his skill, knowledge & reputation grew, unlike his hair. Duncan shared his knowledge with Matt as they took over the Casa Ceramica business. Since then, his hair hasn’t grown but his company has.


Sales Administrator

Harry has been described by many as an enthusiastic worker with a pleasant aroma and welcoming smile. He began life, like most; small, wet and crying. Not much has changed. Harry was the 3rd member of Casa Ceramica and some say was their saving grace. His excellent customer service and late starts have caused a snowball effect of hype and glory in which himself and the company he represents, basks like a massive cat in the desert.


Marketing & Social Media designer

Jade is the smallest & feistiest member of Casa Ceramica. She is a wizard of graphic design & is responsible for the beautiful imagery and keen design shown across our social media. Her fresh ideas and stubborn determination are proving to be the catalyst to Casa Ceramica’s exciting future. Watch this space!

Gary Russell

Architectural Sales & Specification

Essex born but Northern made. With almost 40 years in the industry, Gary is a force to be reckoned with. Within his department of Architectural Sales & Specification, he travels the nation bringing tiles & cheer to all that will hear. Gary loves to sail across the Mediterranean Sea, cool & warming, the apt reflection of his person. Gary also enjoys charity cross-country drives, Pina Coladas & getting caught in the rain.


Logistics Manager

Kerri, was raised as a buffalo solider in the grassy plains of south Manchester. She is ready to evolve the business like Richard Attenborough in Jurassic park. Kerri is a ball of laughter & ensures all of the orders arrive on time! She is not only our logistics manager but is our organisation angel!

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