Casa Ceramica’s Instagram Favourites

From luxury marbles to the striking mosaics, whether you’re an interior design fanatic or not, tiles will be forever eye catching. We are going to show you our favourite Instagram snapshots this month to inspire your surroundings.

Bright and bold, these tiles make a stunning ceramic feature wall or even a colourful bathroom floor. Inspired by Textile design, Mutina Tex is available in 8 varied colours which are then split into 3 different tones to increase the factor of surprise and stimulate creativity.

Stones and More by Casa Dolce Casa boasts 8 classic stones and marble designs. They are printed by the world-leading 3D technology, therefore the essential shapes and vintage combinations are expressed through porcelain polished tiles with different elegant surfaces.

Mutina have experimented an innovative digital printing technique which enables the production of unique, high delusion product. The patterns from their range Azulej, deliberately combine different aesthetic languages, geometric schemes and floral designs.

41zero42 Mate Fes available at Casa Ceramica is a similar shaped tile to above. Fascinated by contrasts and contradictions, 41zero42 has developed the idea of ‘opposites’ using 4 earth colour hues – rich/poor, elegant/shabby, conventional/unusual.

Visions by Rex is Wood and concrete in a perfect match, balanced and elegant. This porcelain stoneware collection has many different formats and finishes available, including 20mm thick for external use.

Architect Sergio Savino, now artistic designer has created stylish and contemporary mosaics for all surroundings. The range Micromosaici Esagoni is considered to be most subtle however with 5 colour varieties, creativity will fabricate exciting designs.

If you have any enquiries about the tiles featured above and would like to know more about the ranges, contact us at