Mee Market, Soho London

Mee Market is a Korean lifestyle and delicatessen in Soho, London

We were approached by Block 1 Design to collaborate with this amazing and unique– Mee Market: Korean ‘table and market’ concept.

Block 1 Designers describe this project as;

‘Based on a clean Korean aesthetic, the client for Block 1 Design wanted a space that was crisp, high end and warm and welcoming. Reclaiming disused space in one of the buildings, and adding it to the corridor, allowed us to significantly enhance the usable space.

By using different textures and reflective finishes we were able to draw the light into what was previously a dark space. By mixing scales and patterns within the floor and the walls we created a unique atmosphere that pays homage to the Korean aesthetic.’


For this project we supplied the Mutina Rombini triangle in grey around the counter. This was highlighted with lighting around the edging. To find out more about the Rombini collection, you can visit the range page here.

For more information about this project please contact us below.

To see more information or any other projects by Block1design click here.

Images are courtesy and credit of; Enzo Cerri

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