One room, eight stories, eight ways to interpret the space through our collections.

A story to be seen, touched, perceived through drawings, surfaces and colours. 41zero42 tells it through Sunday, Biscuit, Paint-it collections. Different themes, which find a common path in ROOM41, a room for itself. Discover all the 41zero42 collections by clicking here.

01: Technicolour & Biscuit.

Room 02: Futura, Biscuit & Open.

Room 03: Gap, Paper41 Pro & Loop.

Room 04: Pietre41 & Technicolour.

Room 05: Futura & Hops.

Room 06: Solo, Paper41 Pro & Wig-Wag.

Room 07: Futura, Paper41 Pro & Supreme.

Room 08: Technicolour, Pietre41 & Solo

For more information about these collections feel free to contact us or visit our showroom, where we have the 41zero42 collections on display.