Traditionally Terrazzo

This year we’ve seen a huge increase in the trend of  ‘Terrazzo’. A traditional Venetian tile that consisted of  scrap marble chips and clay. Over time this cheap tile has been transformed into a sought after trend of 2017.

Terrazzo  has been seen making it’s way into some of the worlds most architecturally beautiful spaces from, Bar Luce in the Prada complex Milan to up market restaurants in Singapore. It adds a sense of class to any space with a twist of quirkiness. The colour trend that seems to of made a huge hit is pastel pink, thats been seen paired with metallic trims and grouts.

Terrazzo is available in a huge array of colours, style and patterns to choose from and can be used as statement pieces or to an entirety. 

WOW Design studios is one of our suppliers that offers a collection of Terrazzo tiles. In the collection of ‘Drops’, with coloured and natural colours available. In addition with two complimenting decor pieces. Check out the collection in more detail here.

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