TTA is nearly here!

TTA awards are just around the corner and this year we’ve been shortlisted for two awards, chosen by the public!

For this years TTA’s we have been shortlisted for ‘wall tile of the year’ along with, ‘floor tile of the year’. We are extremely excited about this award since its your vote that counts, so to give you a better understanding about each tile, we’ve created a little post to help!

We’d love and appreciate all your support and would like to say thank you!

You can vote by clicking here.

Wall Tile of the year

Futura is a collection that portrays a strong visual impact. It is the evolution of multiple concepts. The idea was inspired from the main protagonists of the artistic and architectural currents of the first half of the 20th century. This collection takes the main focus of inspiration from the strong contemporary dynamics of both Bauhaus and the French architect Pierre Chareau.

 Maison De Verre

Pierre Chareau curated the spectacular Maison de Verre, in Paris around 1932. Designed with three primary traits of; Honesty of materials, transparency of forms and juxtaposition. 41zero42 Futura collection has taken inspiration from the traits of the architect. With the 4 ‘drops’ and ‘grid’ tiles which emulate the Maison de Verre facure.


The Bauhaus movement was part of the German art school in 1919-1933. The school unified arts, crafts and technology. The ‘Futura’ uses the bauhaus movement as a source of inspiration for both modernism and Avant-garde style. 

 The collection consists of four variants in colours; White, black, rose and blue. However the main base colour is the typical cement grey. In turn the collection generates 8 different styling patterns to compliment the plain tiles. Each pattern is printed with HD printing technology.


Floor tile of the year

Technicolour is an industrial collection inspired by the wooden floors of the 70’s. Created using the inspiration from eleven different woods, that are blended together on a graphic base. These woods range from; mahogany, ash and even maple woods.

‘It was 1939 and millions of people previewed The Wizard of Oz in colour: the Technicolor process was one of the first technologies that brought colour to the cinema. Living life in technicolour.’

This collection offers 20 colours to choose from, ranging from monochrome to multi coloured coverings. Allowing creativity and versatility to any space. The colours range from muted tones to vivid bold colours, those of which can transform any space into an eye catching feature. With the technical properties of the 10mm thickness, this allows the planks to be used both indoor and outdoor, in addition with high traffic pedestrian areas too. Technicolour is available in one format only 5×37 which is totally different to anything else on the market.