War Of The Roses

A Collection by 41Zero42 – Paper 41 showcases a variety of different tiles with significant cultural influences from around the world. We’ve chosen to focus on the British heritage of the tile ‘Beth’. This tile is described as ‘a scenic transportation of Britains war of the Roses.

The War of the Roses lasted for just over thirty years and reached it’s climax in 1485 with the¬†Battle of Bosworth Field. After the battle the Tudors, immediately crowned¬†King Henry VII, launching a new Tudor Dynasty. This went on to uniting the Yorks and Lancaster’s by marrying Elizabeth of York. Which formed the end of the war and a new rose was adopted, that incorporated both the white and the red roses together.


The ‘Beth’ tile from the collection symbolises the unity of the two roses in great details, with HD printing technologies. This tile add’s a regal feel to any space, with it’s rich colours and gold accents. Available in the format of 50×100 and only 3.5mm thick, making it extremely durable and versatile.

War Of the Roses

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