Ways to add Character to your Floor

Wanting to add character to your floor? Patterned wood effect tiles are the perfect way to give a chic and vibrant aura into your home.

Tile manufacturers have done a brilliant job at emulating all the best things about reclaimed wood to create a ceramic tiling that can not be differentiated until you touch it. Wood effect tiles are a great alternative for spaces that want quality but don’t want to compromise on hygiene. Here are a variety of designs you can use for wood effect porcelain. Here are Casa Ceramica’s top picks for floor pattern displays:

1. Plank
wood effect porcelain
Rex – Deco Wood

2. Parquet
wood effect tile
Refin – Baita

3. Chevron
rex visions
Rex – Visions

4. Square
square caesar ceramiche
Ceramiche Caesar – Vibe

5. Herringbone
marazzi treverkmade
Marazzi – Treverkmade

6. Colour Patterns
lea ceramiche bio recover
Lea Ceramiche – Bio recover

7. Decorated Plank
lea ceramiche slimtech type 32
Lea Ceramiche – Slimtech Type 32

If you would like more information about the following featured products, contact us at info@casaceramica.co.uk or visit our collections range here.
All images courtesy of Rex, Refin, Ceramiche Caesar, Marazzi and Lea Ceramiche.