Welcoming Gigacer

Casa Ceramica welcomes a new and design led supplier Gigacer. Who’ve recently released collections based around the Le Corbusier Polychromie architectural pallets.

Gigacer has  based there latest collections on the French-Swiss architect; Le Corbusier. He is known as one of the greatest pioneers of modern architecture. His work spans around the world and has been recognised as part of the world heritage: UNESCO. Below are some examples of his work.

Le Corbusier - Maisons La Roche Jeanneret Paris


This tile collection by Gigacer, uses his colours from the keyboard of colour 1959. Le Corbusier shows how colour can not only effect the spaces we live in but the impact colour can have on people. The Gigacer collection is compromised of 12 bold and neutral tones from his pallet. This makes it possible to create harmonies of colour suited to the needs of individual taste.

LC1 is a collection of glazed porcelain tiles. Glossy and brilliant. This collection comes in 30×120 format, it is also perfect for both indoor and outdoor wall coverings. The collection is offered in 12 different Le Corbusier colours. You can find out more about this collection by clicking here for our collection page.

LC2 is a sub-collection within LC1 that compliments the plain tiles. The collection is produced on Beton Blanc, featuring linear  bas-relief engravings. Available with 6 different colour options. To find out more see the collection page by clicking here.

Tokyo is another take on the ever popular trend of Terrazzo. This collection looks to the traditions of Terrazzo effect, but adds a playful pop twist. Available in 6 different colour ways, in addition with 3 different size formats of; 30x30cm, 120x120cm and 120x250cm. This collection is coming soon to our site!

For more information about any of the products featured please contact us at info@cascaeramica.co.uk