Wimbledon season with Casa Ceramica

Wimbledon is an iconic British event that takes place every year from 3rd – 16th July. Founded 140 years ago this year. ┬áIt’s the only major still played on grass.

Casa Ceramica has been inspired over the Wimbledon season

by ‘Open’ a collection by 41zero42.

Open by 41Zero42

This collection is best described as ‘ A game without standards unlike Wimbledon’. A dynamic and liberating collection that breaks the rules. With the classic elegance and traditions that marble offers, it’s been combined with flashes of yellow/green marbles. Inspired by POP culture. Open is available in three formats of; 60x120cm, 40x80cm and 8x40cm. In addition this collection offers two surface finishes of; natural and polished.

All images are courtesy of 41Zero42.

For information regarding this collection, please contact us at info@casaceramica.co.uk or via our contact form.