Working closely with STAC Architecture

Courtesy of STAC Architecture, we were fortunate to work along side their team to develop a large, fantastic artwork feature wall, that could be appreciated from great distances across the park.

We worked with STAC Architecture to design and manufacture a range of hand made, glazed terracotta Cotto Etrusco tiles that when assembled, would reveal a graphic image for a Nando’s Restaurant external wall in Straiton Park, Edinburgh. Using earth tones were essential following the contemporary approach to a South African aesthetic of the Nandos Restaurant Chain.

“Our concept was to create an artwork that when up close read like an external tiled wall, however from across the park it would come into focus and reveal a large artwork wall.”

Furthermore, Casa Ceramica have worked on numerous accounts to supply the finest tiles for STAC Architecture projects. Having such a diverse range of tiles available, we have the most eccentric tiles to suit the design requirements of the Nandos unconventional style.

If you would like more information about the tiles featured above, contact us at Visit the STAC Architecture website, to find out their current and future projects here.